Earth Whispering club

Empower your child with awareness & self-discovery Through Engagement
in Nature-Inspired Activities

We Invite Parents/Guardians to Enrol their Children (ages 7 to 15 years)

OUR mission

Small beginnings…..

We believe every child deserves to be empowered, at deep levels from within, to be able to overcome
real-life challenges they encounter. And, that’s why we launched on August 05, 2023 this
Chennai-based Social Enterprise:

“Earth Whispering Club” for children between 7 and 15 years.

With a purposeful mission of……
“Empowering Every Child with Awareness & Self-Discovery through Engagement in Nature-Inspired Activities”. 

Our comprehensive programs that are natural and fun-packed, help children embark on Inward Journeys and ensure a Holistic Development in your child: Body, Mind and Beyond.

The Earth Whispering Club Impact: a promise we’d like to keep

Over time, your child will gain
AWARENESS about their intense & alive presence
leading to physical & mental well-being,
and enjoyment of a purposeful life

through continuous
ENGAGEMENT with value-based activities 

that ensures
EMPOWERMENT of life-long balance & harmony
to confidently find their own paths in this world

about earth whispering club

While most training or well-being programs for children, stop at
brain/ thinking/cognitive levels, no opportunities are being provided to youngsters,

for exploring further than the body and mind.

Towards every child establishing a

Earth Whispering Club’s deep & comprehensive approach to inner transformation is unique – And addresses this gap!

Join Earth Whispering Club for a Transformative Journey


Inspired by PanchaBhoota | Nature’s 5 Elements, Unveiling Earth Whispering Club's Five Divisions

Structured on the deep-rooted understanding that everything in this universe is made up of five basic elements: Ground Terrain/ Bhoomi, Water/ Jal, Fire/ Agni, Air/ Vaayu, and Ether/ Akaasha;

Earth Whispering Club aims to consciously work with these elements manifested through comprehensive programs of its five core divisions:


Our programs


All our programs are uniquely designed for Deep Impact and will engage its members ensuring that awareness blooms into empowerment towards balance, harmony & confidence
to find their own paths in this world.

Meet the Inspiring Minds: Get to Know Our Passionate Team

Earth Whispering Club


Patient, generous and nurturing,
Thus gravitates the EARTH!
It’s made of you, and you are of it,
Never look around in dearth.

Always timely is the AIR,
Giving you what you need – your breath.
Accepting whatever it is you spew,
It keeps you saved until your death.

All-encompassing and pervading throughout:
It’s the SPACE spread everywhere.
Never fulfilling and never empty;
Owns it naught; nothing to spare!

Light and warmth are the nutrients
FIRE does have to share.
Good and bad, it burns them both—
Equanimous and fair.

It’s the liquid, ice and vapour,
Impermanent in state.
WATER carries along what comes in its way,
With no one destined fate.

Behold with gratitude the universe:
What’s actual and true.
The existence throbs in suchness,
Just as real as you!